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Many people have been asking us questions about 88sears associate login, so in order to address everyone who wrote to us, we are here today with a detailed article covering topics such as 88sears associate login, how to register and how to reset the password.

88Sears Associate Login Guide

Sears is one of the famous departmental stores in the USA. Though there are many departmental stores in the US, Sears has its own place in the hearts of Americans. This is mainly because of the quality service that they are providing since decades. The kind of staff whose dedication towards the customer service makes the customers return to this Sears Departmental Store. Hence beating other departmental stores, Sears stands tall among its peers. It will remain in the same place in the future too. That is the kind of impact that it has on its Customers.

Richard Warren Sears and Alvah Curtis Roebuck has started this Sears Departmental Store. They have opened the first store back in the year 1906. From that year to this, it is providing unprecedented service to the customers. Currently, its headquarters is in the Hoffman Estates, Illinois. The first headquarters of Sears was in the Sears Towers in Chicago. The main asset of Sears is the Workforce. In fact, the success of any business lies with the kind of Employees and staff. In the same way, the popularity and success of Sears lie with the Employees.

What is 88sears associate login?

The 88sears website is the human resource website of the Sears Holding company and the 88sears associate login refers to the login procedure that must be completed in order to gain access to the 88sears associate website.

The 88sears website also makes it easier for the Sears Holding company to keep track of their employees, interact with them, and also make a quick resolution for their grievances.

The 88sears associate website is a portal for the employees of the Sears Holding company to view their personal profile information and other enterprise information associated with their employment within the Sears Holding company. Employees who have the 88sears associate login access can also claim financial and health benefits that the Sears holding company offers to their customers.

Different interfaces of 88sears website

There are two main interfaces of the 88sears website.

  1. 88sears Associate Login: As we mentioned above, the 88sears associate login interface of the 88sears website is what the employees have to visit in order to gain access to their 88sears associate profile. Even ex-associates of the Sears holding company can also access the 88sears associate login page in order to claim any benefits that they have pending from the Sears holding company or for any other issues that they are facing.
  2. 88sears Guest Login: The 88sears guest login interface is for the general customers of the Sears Holding company. The 88sears guest login interface will provide existing or potential customers with details on the benefits of hiring the Sears holding company, criteria for discounts while availing Sears holding company services and other important information related to the services offered by the company.

88Sears Associate Login

Since the employees have got such a huge role, Sears is aware to provide the best facilities to them. One of such things is the employee portal of Sears. They call it as 88Sears, where employees of Sears alone can have access to it. It has all the information that an employee of Sears requires.

Hence the Company asks its employees to log in to this portal and check the information themselves. It provides information on paystubs, schedule and other information of the employee. They can also change their private information with this Sears Employee Portal. Since you are here, we presume that you want to know the process of 88Sears login or 88Sears Associate Login. This 88 Sears Associate Login process is very easy. You can get the whole 88 Sears Login process guide below.

How to Login 88 Sears Associate Portal: If you are a new employee at the Sears, then you need this process. Before getting to know this 88Sears Login process, you should have some requirements. For your information, we have provided below.

Requirements For 88Sears Associate Login:

  1. 88Sears Associate Account Username
  2. 88Sears Associate Account Password
  3. PC or Laptop or Smartphone or Tablet
  4. Web Browser
  5. Internet Connection or Wifi Connection
  6. 88Sears Associate Portal Web Address

How to Register for 88sears Associate Account?

Below is how you can register for 88sears associate account easily.

First of all, visit the official 88sears website by clicking here. Alternatively, type www.88sears.com in your web browser’s address bar and press Enter.

  1. Within the official 88sears website, click on the option that says “Change/View/Enroll Coverage”.
  2. Enter your SHC company ID number and a new password in the next webpage that shows up.
  3. Now, click on the new user’s link, which will be coloured in blue. This will take you to the new registration form for 88sears associate account.
  4. In this form, you will have to enter your SSN number (Social Security Number), and date of birth.
  5. After entering the details in Step 5, click on the “Continue” button.
  6. In the next step, you will have to create a User ID and password for your 88sears associate account. The new User ID should be different from your SHC company ID.
  7. Enter your email address and also select a security question and provide its answer.
  8. Now, click on the “Register” button.

That is it. You have now successfully created your 88sears associate account.

How to Login 88sears Associate?

The below steps should be followed to log in to 88sears associate account with you are a current (Sears Holding Company) associate.

  1. The first step in order to perform the 88sears associate login is to access the site itself. You can access the 88sears associate login page by typing in the web address www.hr.searshc.com in your web browser’s address bar. Alternatively, to access the 88sears associate login page, you can click here.
  2. Once the web page loads up completely on your web browser, you will be prompted to enter your Enterprise ID and password in order to complete the 88sears associate login procedure. Therefore, make sure that you have both your Enterprise ID and password of your 88sears associate account.
  3. Now, all you need to do is to click on the “Log In” button placed below the text field to enter the password of your 88sears associate account.

And that is it. Now you will be able to access your 88sears associate account provided you have entered the correct details in the space for Enterprise ID and password.

If you are a former SHC associate, then you need to follow the steps below in order to log in to your 88sears associate account.

  1. Load the 88sears associate login page by clicking here or by typing in www.hr.searshc.com in the address bar of your web browser and pressing Enter.
  2. After the 88sears web page loads up, you will be able to find an option that says “Former SHC Associates Logon Page” below the “Log In” button. Click on this option.
  3. A new webpage will now load.
  4. In this new web page, enter the Login ID and PIN of your SHC associate account.

Considering that you entered a valid Login ID and PIN, you will now be able to access the 88sears associate portal for former SHC associates.

How to recover 88Sears Associate Account Password:

  • This is again a simple process.
  • For this process, you have to go to the 88Sears Associate Login page.
  • Once you are on the Associate login page of 88Sears, you have to select the Forgot password option.
  • With that, the portal will take you to the next page.
  • Here you have to enter your 88Sears Account Username and click on continue.
  • Now you have to answer a few more questions on the 88Sears Associate Portal.
  • When you finish entering the information, you will get a new password to your 88Sears Account.
  • Use this new password to log into your 88Sears Associate Portal

These are the steps that are involved to recover 88Sears Associate Password. Hope that all the steps are clear to you. Cheers.

What is the 88sears Phone Number?

You can dial 88sears phone number in order to reach their customer service department and can get solutions for many of your concerns.

The 88sears phone number is 1-888-887-3277.

You can dial the 88sears phone number for the following queries:

  • Health and Financial Benefits.
  • Verification of Earnings and Employment.
  • Payroll Card Questions.
  • W-2 Management.
  • Business Expense.
  • HR Support Center (ASC).
  • Associate Services Organization.

There are different options for the above-listed queries and you need to select the correct option in order to get your query answered.

Final Words

In the above article, we tried to include as many detailed information possible related to the 88sears website of the Sears holding company. As requested by our followers, we have also listed very vital information about the 88sears website like the 88sears associate login, 88sears benefits, and 88sears phone number.

We believe that this article helped you in getting your questions answered, and if you still have some queries pending in your mind related to the 88sears website or its features, then feel free to shoot us your questions and we will clarify them.